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Lumière Vase M | Grand Antique

Lumière Vase M | Grand Antique

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This minimalistic and playful vase in a bold black and white marble combination is a perfect item to add an authentic accent to any interior space. Made in Italy from natural marble, the Lumière vases celebrate the spirit of summer with their playful shapes, clean silhouettes and high contrasts in black and white.

The “Lumiere M | Grand Antique” item shown here is made of the charming French "grand antique" marble and is finished by hand by craftsmen in tuscany, a region that has pioneered the craftsmanship of marble since antiquity and is today considered to represent the best industry standard for marble work.


The story of the design comes from the idea of placing stones on top of each other by the sea. We placed one shape on top of the other, each time slightly changing the order of things to get a new arrangement, three arrangements in total. We applied two simple colors; black and white, swapping, switching and mixing them together to give each vase a series of slightly different characters. The result is a collection of nine vases that can sit alone or together in groups.


This product is made in natural marble and depending which part of the block is used to make the vase, each item will have its own unique pattern, texture and color that may not match the images presented here. These variations are key characteristics and embody the beauty of the natural material. It also implies that every single item that is made is unique.

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