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Lumière Vase L | Grand Antique

Lumière Vase L | Grand Antique

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Add a touch of elegance to your home with the "Lumière L | Grand Antique" vase. This handcrafted marble vase made in Tuscany, Italy, features an expressive silhouette with charming rounded volumes and pleasant proportions. Made from the exquisite French "grand antique" marble, each vase is unique, showcasing natural variations in pattern and texture.

Inspired by the timeless play of stacking stones by the beach, the artist arranged two formal motifs on top of each other— a ring and a cylinder— in various arrangements. These vases evoke the essence of a sunny day by the sea through their the clean outlines and high contrasts.

Every piece is a testament to the finest Italian marble work, with each item offering a unique and sophisticated design depending on the material block used. Add the "Lumière L | Grand Antique" vase to your collection today and enrich your space with timeless elegance. Numbered series, each vase comes with its certificate of authenticity. As seen in “Interior Design” and “Numèro” publications.

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